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Test readiness assessment and training

Whether preparing for your restricted licence or full licence test, it always helps to have an independent critique of your riding ability and benefit from the experience of an NZTA qualified driving instructor prior to taking the test.

The test preparation course is designed for those riders who wish to sit the traditional (non-cbta) version of the test, typically conducted at AA or VTNZ branches. We will identify the elements of your roadcraft and theory knowledge that may need some improvement, build on your skills and assist riders to complete the key steps to progress through the graduated licensing system.

Why take this course?

By its very nature, the learning process for motorcyclists is conducted as a solo rider, with good (and bad!) habits formed along the way. Although there are many instructors offering a mentoring service for car drivers, there still remains a lack of professional resources that the motorcyclist can call on. Your friends may give you advice, you may read it in magazines...but how do you know you are getting sound advice?

Whats involved?

This training course is made up of several elements. We begin with a short assessment ride where the rider will be acquainted with the requirements for the test and followed by an instructor who will observe as they experience a variety of road and traffic conditions. The rider will then be briefed on their performance and advice will be given on any areas that may need attention. A further ride will then take place to practice the preceding suggestions, and allow the instructor to demonstrate techniques if necessary. At the end of the course, an action plan will be drawn up to assist the rider to prepare for the NZTA restricted or full licence test.

Two way bike to bike radio is used on the road rides to give directions and provide feedback and commentary in a relevant and timely fashion.

Course time approx. 2 hours

Riders are welcome to use their own bike or Riderskills™ can provide a motorcycle and helmet at an additional cost (by prior arrangement)

Option Cost
Test readiness appraisal and preparation course $180

Course Pre-Requisites

  • You must produce a valid class 6 learners or restricted licence
  • Your motorcycle must have a current warrant of fitness and registration, and be roadworthy to WOF standard
  • Learners must display an 'L' plate
  • You must wear suitable clothing to minimise risk of injury and protect you from adverse weather conditions. In particular, footwear should be fully enclosed. An approved motorcycle helmet must be worn.

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