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Philip McDaid - Chief Instructor at Riderskills™ Established in 2005, the organisation is owned and operated by the chief examiner for the Institute of Advanced Motorists who ensures that the standard of the courses remains high and the skills passed on to our students remain relevant.

When considering a training course, one of the main issues is finding a qualified trainer. Are they going to dictate the riding style or tailor the training around you and your personal needs and style? Have they been tested to the highest level possible?

In new zealand it is possible to get a motorcycle instructors endorsement without having to demonstrate any riding skills. Unbelievable? - It is actually true!

So when choosing your trainer always check their background. You may well be receiving your motorcycling skills from someone who rode around the block for a policeman 20 years ago and hasn't upskilled or ridden since.

In addition to having achieved the high standards of the UK and New Zealand advanced riding tests, the chief instructor is qualified as an IAM Examiner and LTNZ Class 6/Class 1 instructor. This has enabled him to successfully coach many riders and instructors to test standard and far beyond. If you want expert road skills you need to choose an expert trainer.

All Riderskills™ instructors are accredited with having passed the advanced motorcycle test!

First and foremost, we are biking enthusiasts, fluent in roadcraft and we love the freedom of two wheels and use any excuse to get out for a ride. The experience we have gained through many years of riding in all conditions, extensive touring, training and track days allows us to really understand the issues you will come across at various stages of your riding career.

Above all, we are professional, approachable and patient. But don't take our word for it - ask someone who has used us before.

We look forward to riding with you,

The Riderskills™ team

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