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Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA)

What is competency-based training and assessment?

CBTA is a new training and assessment option for people getting their motorcycle licence. Instead of taking a practical test at each stage of your licence, you can choose to have your riding skills assessed by an approved CBTA assessor. Although training isn't compulsory, we recommend you complete training before attempting the assessment ride. This will ensure that you have the necessary riding skills and you're fully prepared to do the assessment. The assessments are designed to ensure you're competent in a prescribed range of riding skills, which are important to keep you safe when riding on our roads.

What are the benefits of CBTA?

If you choose the CBTA option, there are a number of benefits: It can reduce the time it takes you to gain your restricted and/or full motorcycle licence - completing the CBTA course is the only way you can reduce the required minimum time during the learner and restricted licence stages It improves your riding skill levels by targeting high-risk riding behaviours, which allows for a safer road system for you and other road users If you choose to do your training through an approved CBTA assessor, you'll get feedback on your riding skills and you'll get tips on how to ride smarter and safer. These improvements will help prepare you for the CBTA assessment, and help you make smarter choices on the road.

How does CBTA compare with the practical test option?

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How much does it cost?

Option Cost
Personalised CBTA Training course $180
CBTA Stage 1 test (Learner to Restricted) $170
CBTA Stage 2 test (Restricted to Full) $150
Motorcycle Hire $60

Training versus assessment

You can start training for either stage at any time after getting your learner or restricted licence, so you're fully prepared to undertake the assessment. Once you're satisfied that you're competent in the skills required for the assessment, you can book and undertake the assessment ride. Note there is a seperate charge for the assessment.

Riderskills™ have a course specifically designed to determine your current level of competence and will tailor the training to suit your learning requirements. the course is conducted one on one - just you and the instructor to enable you to gain maximum benefit from the expert coaching session.

Assessment - CBTA uses the knowledge and experience of industry based assessors who have been approved by the Transport Agency to train and assess motorcyclists riding skills. Our Chief Instructor Philip McDaid has been involved in the development of the CBTA programme and is approved to test instructors who wish to deliver the CBTA programme.

All of our instructors hold an advanced roadcraft qualification so you can be assured of the highest quality coaching in preparation for your CBTA Assessment.

CBTA Training Course Schedule

Just want to book an assessment without taking training?

If you have undertaken previous formal training in roadcraft (the police system of motorcycle control) and feel you have already mastered the skills required to display a systematic and fluid ride then call us on 021 710 792 to arrange an appointment, or use one of the online booking options below:

CBTA learners to restricted licence assessment schedule

CBTA restricted to full licence assessment schedule

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