Advanced Roadcraft (Platinum)

Aimed at riders who already have a full licence, the advanced roadcraft course is designed to help you develop your skills to a very high standard, with particular emphasis on making safe progress in all road conditions.

The course is delivered by the past Chief Examiner for the Institute of Advanced Motorists In New Zealand

Participants in this course should leave with a framework from which they can prepare for the advanced motorcycle test.

Course time 1 day approx. (9.30am - 4.30pm)

All riders must use their own bike (We recommend that you take this course on a motorcycle of at least 400cc)

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Have you ever been in any of the following situations:

  • Used up another of your nine biking lives and lived to tell the tale
  • Tried to keep up with your mates and found yourself struggling while cornering
  • Misread a corner and got on the brakes to scrub off the speed
  • Unable to explain why the bike reacted unexpectedly
  • Felt your heart miss a beat as you lose traction briefly
  • Found yourself on the wrong side of the road when negotiating a curve
  • Not sure if it is safe to overtake

If you can say 'yes' to any of the above then you probably have the right mindset to become an advanced rider. Self awareness and attitude is the key to giving you full control and ensuring you get maximum enjoyment from years of safe riding.

We all make mistakes, so at Riderskills™ we have devised a course that will help you to minimise the risk to a great extent. We aim to open your eyes to everything that is happening around you!

The key elements to this course follow the roadcraft training methods used by police forces around the world.

An assessment is carried out at the start of the course to get a feel for what you do well and what might be improved upon. We recognise that every rider has individual needs, and the course is developed around your own requirements so that we target your needs appropriately.

We operate on a one to one basis to allow you to reap maximum benefits from the day. The majority of the training is practical and takes place on open roads. Bike to bike radio enables clear step by step instructions and feedback to be given in any situation.

You can expect your instructor to be relaxed and friendly - we enjoy riding too!

The following are some of the points addressed throughout the course:

  • How to read bends
  • Correct speed and position
  • Throttle and brake control
  • Advanced observation and anticipation
  • Overtaking

Be prepared for a mentally and physically challenging but thoroughly rewarding day - we will cover at least 200kms.

At various stages throughout the ride, the instructor will demonstrate techniques while giving a running commentary.

Course Pre-Requisites:

  • You must produce a valid class 6 full licence
  • Your motorcycle must have a current warrant of fitness and registration, and be roadworthy to WOF standard
  • You must wear suitable clothing to minimise risk of injury and protect you from adverse weather conditions. In particular, footwear should be fully enclosed. An approved motorcycle helmet must be worn.
  • We recommend that full or two piece leathers, gloves and motorcycle boots are worn
  • Come with a full tank of petrol and a good sense of humour!


There are currently no scheduled courses available. If you wish to enrol on a future course please email and we will contact you as soon as we are in a position to provide this course.