Essential Road Skills

If you have recently passed your basic handling skills test, you will have shown the examiner that you are capable of riding a motorcycle on a controlled training ground at speeds of up to 20km/h.

After studying your motorcycle road code and passed your theory test, chances are that you are now in possession of a class 6 learners licence enabling you to ride your motorcycle along New Zealand's busy highways.

Alternatively you may have been riding for a while now and never had any formal training or guidance in motorcycle survival skills

Course time approx. 2 hours

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Everybody can benefit from proper one-on-one training. The LTNZ basic handling skills test is designed to address your overall machine control, ensuring you can handle your motorbike in a variety of situations. However, a great deal more knowledge and planning is required to deal with traffic and road situations - this is best gained at the hands of a professional trainer (particularly on your initial ventures into traffic).

This course will give you a real head start in your riding career as you will benefit from years of experience imparted in a manner to suit your learning style. We will point out any issues in your riding and address the common pitfalls that get riders into trouble on their bikes.

We start the course with some administration. This will involve some paperwork, checking the validity of your licence, WOF and registration and some safety checks on your motorcycle.

This is followed by an assessment ride where the rider will be followed by an instructor who will observe as they experience a variety of road and traffic conditions. We start the ride in a low density traffic area and try to ensure you will experience the most common road layouts throughout the course. The rider will then be briefed and given advice on any areas that may need attention.

An extended ride is then undertaken to give the trainee an opportunity to practice the items under discussion, and allow the instructor to demonstrate techniques if necessary.

This course is aimed at ensuring the trainee has a good foundation for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable riding.

Bike to bike radio is used throughout the ride to pass on directions and provide feedback and commentary in real time.

Course Pre-Requisites:

  • You must produce a valid class 6 learners, restricted or full licence
  • Your motorcycle must have a current warrant of fitness and registration, and be roadworthy to WOF standard
  • Learners must display an 'L' plate
  • You must wear suitable clothing to minimise risk of injury and protect you from adverse weather conditions. In particular, footwear should be fully enclosed. An approved motorcycle helmet must be worn.


There are currently no scheduled courses available. If you wish to enrol on a future course please email and we will contact you as soon as we are in a position to provide this course.